We’ve been searching for information about people from Roath who served in the First World War, and we found this postcard on eBay.

It’s from Walter, sent in 1919, when he was still serving in the army, and addressed to Mr and Mrs Payne of 2 Alfred Street, Roath.

We found in the local Trade Directory, in Cardiff Central Library, that Mr James Payne was working at the time as a coal trimmer (directories at the time of the First World War contained a lot of information we wouldn’t share now, such as occupation and address – though we share plenty of other information on social networks that people wouldn’t have dreamed of then).

The card is written and sent from Walter, and the full text is below:

‘Dear Mam and Dad, The Cardiff Times reached today, also a paper and book from Howard. Thanks very much for the same. I am quite well, and hope to get a letter from you tomorrow. Love Walter.’

On the side of the card Walter writes, ‘give the card to [Miriam?]

This is a fascinating find, but we’d love to know more about Walter and his role in the Great War. Please share, and get in touch if you know anything about this family.